Financial advices for the Self Employed

The tips you have shared in your post are very useful for all self employed.All the beginners and professional can learn a lot of things from your blog post. I really enjoyed to read your post.Great work.

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As a financial advisor, I have been approached by numerous self employed individuals for their financial concerns. So I’m writing this blog just to help out such self employed professionals.

As a business owner or self employed person, one needs to learn Multi tasking. You may be having a busy schedule where you strive to make more profit, find better clients/deals, attend meeting and stay update about the latest market events or culture.

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You may find it difficult to find time to do finances or may be confused about choosing the right option. Here are some of my most important financial advices that will help you plan better:

  • Income tax payments:

Often self employed people find it difficult to manage their finances. Mainly because they are responsible for everything and there is no one to share the burden. However, tracking the expenses and paying…

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7 Biggest Financial Mistakes Business Startups Make

Joseph Tramontana

So you have finally decided to start your business you’ve always dreamed of, and you have the required capital, a team of passionate individuals, and a plan of action. You think you’re set for making your startup the next big thing. Not so soon. Here is a list of the seven biggest financial mistakes business startups make that must be avoided if you want to make your business success.

1.    Obsessing Over Perfectionperfection within imperfection
While perfection seems like an indication of your competency rather than a mistake, spending a lot of time perfecting your pitch will prove hazardous for your business. Raw pitches, that work, are much better than perfected ones. Also, understand that your startup needs room to evolve over time. Perfecting your idea too early is wasting precious time and money that could be spent converting your idea into a reality.

2.    Beginning before you have enough moneybefore enough money

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Growing Up With Autism


Another video I created. I ended up going really light with stop-motion; as in I didn’t do a lot of it. However, when making this video I didn’t care. I didn’t care about the grade I would receive either from this work. I didn’t care what other students would think of the video as well. The whole time I was making this—I just kept telling myself that I needed to make this. Not for my benefit, not for even my brother’s. I just had to make it.

This is a video I made of my older brother Cody who is 20. He had struggles in learning, being social and being himself due to Autism. However; it wasn’t Autism that was hard for him, it was how others treated him because of it.

<p><a href=”″>Growing Up With Autism</a> from <a href=”″>Megan Kowalski</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>



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About AWAK Technologies Pte Ltd

AWAK Technologies Pte Ltd is one the leading medical innovation organizations devoted in changing the lives of patients for a better future. The organization has created a protected Sorbent technology, which upsets dialysis by lessening the measure of dialysate required for treatment by constantly reusing and recovering the dialysis liquid. A sorbent is a material that ties an alternate substance or compound to it by a physical response. It permits the coupling of a greatly thin layer of atoms to its surface by compound bonds, ionic bonds and composition. Sorbent innovation recovers and reconstitutes utilized dialysis liquid into fresh liquid. This one of a kind gimmick wipes out the flow dialytic reliance on extensive volumes of ceaseless water supply and immoderate water treatment.

The innovation empowers the advancement of light weight, minimal, computerized, wearable and portable medical gadgets. AWAK Technologies are characterized by our client patients, doctors and business accomplices. AWAK Technologies focused on development, brilliance and continually researching better approaches for cooperation to structure organizations.

AWAK Technologies is committed to offering protected and quality medical tools that meet our client necessities and applicable regulatory prerequisites in the foundation of our Quality Management System. We are conferring working in a Quality Management System coupled with a viable Risk Management Process to attain our point with effectiveness and consistency. It is the obligation of all people of AWAK advances to make their commitment to quality change and guarantee that we do our occupation right the first run through. AWAK Technologies was affirmed by SGS for ISO 13485 Quality Management System to the extent of designing and creation of medical gadgets.

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There are 1889 dynamic Singaporean graduates who have learned at the LSE to date. The LSE Alumni Association of Singapore (LSEAAS) was officially enlisted as a society with the Registry of Societies in 1973 in Singapore. Past illuminating presences nearly connected with the LSE, and in fact the LSEAAS from the 1970s through to the 1990s incorporate previous Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Goh Keng Swee, Professor You Poh Seng and Professor Saw Swee Hock. The LSEAAS has seen its good and bad times throughout the years. In 2002, the LSEAAS in Singapore encountered a recovery in an initiative which has carried on till presently.

The LSEAAS proceeds with a glad convention of encouraging and sorting out occasions that are instructive and stimulating to intend to keep up our connections with the School and graduates here in Singapore. The LSEAAS is likewise the stage from which the Singapore LSE Trust Scholarship for students and postgraduates was released as a free activity. The Singapore LSE Trust was started with an evening meal at the exquisite Asian Civilizations Museum with our graduates, Minister for Finance Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam on 22nd October 2004. 180 graduates and their family and buddies went to this occasion.

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