About Singapore Telecommunications Ltd

Singapore Telecommunication Limited is a company, also known as Sing Tel that is a communication group. This company is one of the leading and prominent providers in Singapore of local and international telephone services, postal services, pay television, internet, satellite services, data communication and mobile communication services. It has a wide range of network offices all across the globe in Europe, United States and Asia pacific. Since 1995, the company was called as Telecommunication Equipment.

No doubt, the services provided by Sing Tel made this company popular all over the world among its customers. Singapore Telecommunications has enhanced its Home Market and shares in different regional operators inculcating 100% of the second biggest Australian Telco, Optus that was obtained in 2000 from Cable and Wireless and other investors of Optus. Till the end of March 2014, the company combined mobile subscriber base of almost 500 clients from its regional links in 25 countries. Singapore Telecommunications is the Singapore’s largest mobile network operators.

This company is also the biggest company by Market capitalization ranked on the Singapore Exchange. The majority of exchange owned by Temasek Holdings the major investment group of the Singapore government. Last but not least, the company is a dynamic investor in advance companies via its Sing Tel Innov8 ancillary, started in 2011. Singapore Telecommunications is the prominent communication service providers, who are reliable, affordable and consistent in their services.


Low Check Kian – Biography

Low Check Kian , a famous personality born in the land of Singapore. Mr. Low Check Kian  is currently serving as an independent Non-Executive Director at Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. Singapore Telecommunications Ltd is based in Singapore offering various services including securities and derivatives trading. Singapore Exchange Limited is also a member of the Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchange Federation. Mr. Kian is the major part of this company. He is dedicatedly working for Singapore Telecommunications Ltd since May 9, 2011. He is also working as a Non-Executive Director at Neptune Orient Lines Ltd. In short, his name comes under the category of professional, expert and hardworking individuals around the globe. He was also the Senior Vice President of the Executive Management Committee of Merrill Lynch and Co. He is also serving as a Chairperson in the Asian Pacific region. In short, he is a man who proved himself all over the world because of his struggling nature.

Educational Background He completed his Bachelors from London School of Economics and Political Science in the field of Economics. Afterwards, done Master’s in 1984 from the same institution in Economics.

Low Check Kian , a Man of Passion and Devotion He has additionally performed his duties as the member of the Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee. Previously, he has worked for various organizations such as,

  • Worked as a Chairman for NewSmith Capital Partners, in short, he was one of the leading and founding partners of this organization
  • He worked as an Independent Non-Executive Director for Fibrechem Technologies Ltd.
  • He additionally served for Singapore Exchange Ltd in the past.

Due to his exceptionally energetic and motivational nature, his name is on the Board of Director at Singapore Telecommunications Ltd., Cluny Capital Ltd., The Singapore LSE Trust, AWAK Technologies Pte Ltd. and Renewfibre Asia Pvt Ltd.

Memberships Mr. Low is a member of the Finance and Investment Committee at Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. Mr.Low Check Kian  is also the Board Member of Singapore Workforce Development Agency and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.

Achievements and Awards Due to his passion towards his work, he achieved various awards like, Award of London School of Economics-Allan and London School of Economics-Henry Luce Foundation Award.