7 Biggest Financial Mistakes Business Startups Make

Joseph Tramontana

So you have finally decided to start your business you’ve always dreamed of, and you have the required capital, a team of passionate individuals, and a plan of action. You think you’re set for making your startup the next big thing. Not so soon. Here is a list of the seven biggest financial mistakes business startups make that must be avoided if you want to make your business success.

1.    Obsessing Over Perfectionperfection within imperfection
While perfection seems like an indication of your competency rather than a mistake, spending a lot of time perfecting your pitch will prove hazardous for your business. Raw pitches, that work, are much better than perfected ones. Also, understand that your startup needs room to evolve over time. Perfecting your idea too early is wasting precious time and money that could be spent converting your idea into a reality.

2.    Beginning before you have enough moneybefore enough money

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